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Alibaba enables us to reach word-wide customers

Published: 10 Oct 2018 20:34:22 PST

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Ms. Jiwadee Tonklongjan
Company: Bull Startup Co., Ltd.
Location: Thailand
Industry: Food and Beverages
Gold Supplier member since: 2016
Gold Supplier


Bull Startup Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 by a group of young Thai entrepreneurs and agriculture industry experts with the goal of improving the livelihoods of the nearly 35% of Thailand’s population working in the agricultural industry. We are a small, but passionate company with a wide international customer base. We export our products to a variety of markets, including Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.We pride ourselves in being a supplier that takes the time to visit  and build relationships with the farm communities to ensure that we are only purchasing the most high-quality agricultural products to sell to our customers.

We started in fruit sales. After nearly two years in business we expanded product lines to include herbal products based on the recommendations of farm community and our popular product offerings include our domestic Thai brand, Bull Frutti, which sells dried herbs and fruit, as well as our popular basil seed and fruit juice beverages.

We place a great deal of importance on educating our customers about our product offerings ensuring they receive all the information. We respond to customer queries within 24 hours, and we have specialized service staff for each of our product lines to ensure that our customers receive personalized service for the specific product(s) they are purchasing.Regarding quality control, our products and manufacturing facilities are carefully tested and certified to ensure our customers have a safe and healthy experience. We are also able to provide pre-order samples to allow our customers to experience our products before making a purchase.Our products reach customers through a variety of channels, including the website, mobile app, and trade manager platform.

We are currently in our second year as a supplier on Our performance has gradually improved with the help of the service team and their comprehensive training programs. Our hard work has culminated in earning a spot on Alibaba’s list of the top 10 companies whose performance exceeds the industry average for the agricultural industry. Our monthly customer inquiries have increased as a result.’s services have been important for helping our company save marketing costs while expanding our international customer base.

We were also selected by Alibaba to take part in their “Super September Expo,” which helped us increase our queries from potential new customers by more than 100%. Our export director, Khun Jiwadee Tonklongjan, was also invited by Alibaba to share our company’s best practices for successful participation in the “Super September” promotional event. has created numerous features that are easy to use and adaptable to the needs of our company. Our favorite features include:

  • The ability to use the website to search our customers’ RFQ requirements and help them quickly place an order via the mobile app. We receive a notification as soon as the customer posts their RFQ, which allows us to draft a quote for their desired products immediately.


  • Using the Hot Keyword feature to help us understand industry trends through tracking popular keywords. This feature helps us find ideal customers for our products and better meet their needs.


  • The system’s feature that automatically fills in data when we post new products. This helps us ensure that our customers only receive important data that is most relevant to their needs, such a specific product, and logistics information. This feature makes posting new products infinitely easier and makes our site look more professional.


  • The notification feature which indicates customer queries that have not been replied to.


  • The numerous account safety features. Before using, we had issues with our account being hacked. Alibaba gave us a secure account that requires entering an OTP code during login that is sent via mobile phone, which prevents unauthorized users from accessing our account.
  • The Biz Trends feature for analyzing industry trends. This feature helps us to identify and understand our strengths and weakness based on daily, weekly, and monthly data traffic analysis. The system gives us a very clear overall picture of our company’s performance to help us improve, and helps us to shift the quality of our products and services to meet global standards.


We would like to share the following best practices we’ve learned from working with

  • We always provide comprehensive product information, including pricing and logistics information, to our customers to build trust and encourage them to purchase our products.


  • Each of our product categories has dedicated service staff. This helps us respond to customer queries more quickly and efficiently.


  • We reply to customer inquiries with 24 hours.


We would like to thank for helping us work towards our goal of developing our company into a strong international supplier.  We especially appreciate their emphasis on helping both buyers and sellers save costs.





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