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From our past experience, we received average few hundred inquiries from customers every month

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Industry:Construction & Real Estate
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We know from from our Chinese suppliers who had already got lots of customers via Alibaba is one of the biggest B2B channels for their products. account manager provide very good service to us and also teach us how to upload and SEO our website to have better rank in Alibaba , also assisted us on the strategies and how to manage the showcase products etc. It is very helpful to our business development as we get quite a lot inquiries from this channel.

From our past experience, we received average few hundred inquiries from customers every month. It is good feedback for us, those essential inquiries are able to bring us more than half million to one million revenue per year. The most impressive order we got was from an Indonesia customer who ordered 100K USD for first order from us shortly after the communication. We got inquire all over worlds but main orders are from Middle East currently.

The difference before is that we send email and advertising via internet however many customers just deleted those mails without read and waste us lots of time but no orders. But now every day we just need login Alibaba to check inquires which is easy and high inefficiency.

Alibaba’s on line chat is very useful for quick order. However due to time difference, if Alibaba can setup a remind for customers from different countries for working time indication, that will be perfect. Also we got orders from customer by RFQ from time to time.

With new innovative and effective tools and great support provided by and staffs, our group and sub-companies will have more and more cooperation with Alibaba. Other 4 sub-companies of our group plan to register very soon also with Alibaba.