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Peru success story

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Javier Cruz
Location: Peru
Industry: Food&Beverage
Gold Supplier member since: 2014
Gold Supplier







LAB HERBAL, Leader in the processing and export of high Andean and Amazonian products of Peru. Peruvian company that is responsible for the processing and export of high Andean and Amazonian products from Peru sample, due to the great variety of products that Peru has to market and show the world are also called food of the Incas "superfoods".

Herbal Food Laboratory S.A.

The company is based on agro-industry, specialists in the food industry, dehydrated products, grinding, frozen fruit pulp, concentrated extracts among others. Its processes comply with the highest quality standards. Among the main products are maca flour, quinoa seeds, camu camu, sacha inchi, yacon cat's claw, etc.


Despite the time in the market, the agroindustrial company has accumulated experience in the treatment and commercialization of native products of Peruvian origin. "We are committed to quality in a consistent, reliable and sustainable way, through our experience in industrial food processing and agro-export," he said.



Our company has organic certifications and we have been working on the implementation of the quality system of GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (BPM) and we are working to opt for the Health Authorization of our establishment, issued by DIGESA.

Said entity, also requesting, as a requirement, the implementation, execution and monitoring of: Manual of Good Manufacturing Practices - BPM, Hazard Analysis Plan and Critical Control Points - HACCP / HACCP, Standardized Operational Sanitation Plans - POES and the Plan internal traceability, according to the guidelines established by Codex alimentarius.

"Also our processing plant is qualified and has Organic Certification issued by Control Union Certification under the JAS, USDA NOP, UE 889-2008 and RTPO"



"We support the native and high Andean communities in the need they have to sell their products, which is why we work directly with them, offering them the most competitive prices that allow them to bring well-being to their families."


At his plant in Villa El Salvador I have transformed the raw material and for the production of high quality food, which is very demanded in markets such as: China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia (Asia); Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Holland, France and Spain (Europe); Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Paraguay (South America); United States, Canada (North America); and Mexico and Guatemala (Central America).



                 1. How do you know Alibaba?

7 years ago we decided to create our company LAB HERBAL, processor and exporter of native products of Peru, for which our main ally was electronic commerce, after researching different platforms we decided to buy the gold membership of Alibaba.


2. How is your opinion through

According to our experience alibaba is our main ally for our sales, for which 50% of our sales are made through alibaba


3. How many inquiries and how many orders do you receive from Alibaba each month? What countries are your customers mainly from?

The consultations we receive constantly, and the orders after arriving at an agreement we made the sale. Asia, Europe and the United States.


4. What is the most impressive order or the most surprising order you receive through

The most important order received is from China 100tons of camu camu pulp.


5. What is the difference before and after joining Alibaba? Please, list some information for reference.


Before joining alibaba our exports were lagging behind, our sales were national market.

The most important difference is, Alibaba, is our main ally for our sales.


6. What is the most beneficial sector of electronic commerce?


Electronic commerce is a very important ally for the Peruvian agro industry.


7. If you have experience, please let us know.

We are aware that one of these sectors has had an important growth.


8. If you have any suggestions, let us know.

More than suggestion we make a request to see if you can launch a gold menbresia promotion, for Peru, that other small companies have the opportunity to join alibaba.