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90% of my orders are from

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Vishal Kumal
Location: Nepal
Industry: Textile
Gold Supplier member since: 2014
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When I was 25 years old, I started to learn English just because I wanted to do international business in 1994. Then I left my hometown and came to our capital –Kathmandu in 2004. I worked with 2 business partner and got orders from our own website, but at now I do not spend much time managing it because I am too busy dealing with orders from

Before I join as gold supplier, my business partners had participated in a Germany trade fair in 2002 and another USA trade fair in 2003, unfortunately I did not get huge of orders from trade fair.

With the increasing orders from our own website, I found that the local manufacturer can’t supply it .Meanwhile, I realized that there are so many helpless countryside women, who used to live nearby the dangerous jungle and river .Under the mission of providing indoor and safe job for my compatriot. I decided to build 2 factories in 2012, one is in Kathmandu, another is in my hometown-Chitwan, at now I have about 300 workers, 95% of them are women.

After the establishment of my factories, I heard from my business friend that being gold supplier will get more chance to get big orders, so I upgraded to gold supplier member in Oct 2014.

In my first year as gold member, we got huge order from a USA company. They like eco-friendly laundry felt dryer balls.After that I got one big order from a Canada company, which is a 40 feet container order and since then they became our old customer. They ordered from us every 2 months regularly since the 1st cooperation

Apart from big order, we also get some small orders. We knew that for E-commerce, the longtime cooperation is the key. There is a USA company who used to give us some small orders. But they gave us one container order in 9th- Jan-2018. They said they are satisfied with our price, quality and service, so they would like to give us such big order.I have been gold member for 4 years. I have sold around 16 containers and 90% of my orders are from

Now we have the market for felt products from USA, CANADA, EUROPE, UK, South Korea, AFRICA and Australia. helped me achieve my dreams. I love learning, so I donated 15,000 USD to Government school named “Shree Saraswoti Secondary School” in my hometown in Oct 2017. We are building a science laboratory and then hand it over to school management, where 850 students achieve benefit directly. I wanted to provide a better learning environment for them.

As for now, I am interested in Chinese Market. However I haven't got big order from Chinese company. So I decided to join CIIE (China International Import Expo), this information is heard from my Alibaba account manager. Their VIP service helps me a lot In order to get more orders. I had upgraded to Premium package with 5999 USD. It is not a small amount for us. But I believe that I will earn it back soon.

I would like to let my friends have a try with gold supplier membership. I believe that they also will have their own special success story and I am very appreciated of Jack Ma for building up platform. He is the teacher of our business man.


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