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E-commerce has given Al-Hikma FZCO a chance to improve the health and well-being of millions of people around the world !

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Dr Ali Abdulqadar
Location: United Arab Emirates
Gold Supplier member since: 2009
Website: http://ae101320188.trustpass.alibaba.com/
Gold Supplier

Al-Hikma FZCO is a professional supplier of dietary supplements, cosmetics, sports nutrition and medical disposables, which international trade has been the backbone of its business strategy since the company was founded in 2005.

Al-Hikma FZCO hopes to become part of the creation of healthier lives within the community by providing quality health products. In addition, to promote wellness and ensure relief to suffer which will restore health as swiftly, safely and humanely as it can be.

With a focus on health products and skin care solutions in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe, Al-Hikma FZCO first started using Alibaba.com in 2009 to help grow its international market and customer base. “Alibaba.com is a perfect tool to match with our overseas business strategy and long- term objectives. Since we have signed up as Gold Supplier 6 years ago, our international market business has grown 20%, and now annual revenue has exceeded 15 million USD already,” Dr Ali Abdulqadar, Managing Director, explained.

In the past, Al-Hikma FZCO put their key focus in producing high quality products, creating new trends and needs for customers, however, it ended up with a very high price which cannot be easily accepted by general consumers. “Customers nowadays are expecting us to understand and satisfy their needs with an acceptable price instead of creating a new need for them”, Dr Abdulqadar added. Today, Al-Hikma FZCO has turned their focus to Total Quality Management instead of only products. They are also putting more efforts on E-commerce and real time communication. They believe that Online Brand Advertising is an effective approach for them to reach their target customers fast with minimal cost.

“We could reach countries that are not easy to penetrate, in different time zone or even countries that are economical or political unstable with high needs in health products. Being able to improve the quality of human life is priceless to me”, said Dr Abdulqadar.

Through Alibaba.com, Al-Hikma FZCO can communicate with these countries or parties online anytime, and supply critical medical products to those in need, without risking the welfare of their workers on the ground.

Here are some operational tips shared by Al-Hikma on how to catch target buyers’ attention and enhance Alibaba membership’s efficiency :

1. Put together an informative company profile, that’s the first touch point your customer have for your company

2. Get verified, it helps to strengthen your trust and conveys legitimacy

3. Always use good key words, clear subject line and brief description for product captions

4. High quality product photo

5. Using your company domain email accounts for communicating with buyers

6. Provide fixed line telephone and fax number, company bank account number, along with your company’s full name to prove that your company is genuine

7. Provide free sample if possible, or at least at a very minimal cost

8. You should keep TradeManger on all the time and assign a dedicated personnel to manage it

9. Visit Biz Trend and check out the suggested key words and hot items in trade regularly

10. Review your performance in Biz Trend

11. Participate in online training organiser by Alibaba.com Customer Service team

12. Watch training videos posted on Seller Channel

13. Check out latest buying leads (RFQ) in order to meet more buyers and trading opportunities

Dr Ali Abdulqadar believes that the future for Al-Hikma FZCO is bright as it continues to enjoy the advantages and benefits of online e-commerce trading. The winning formula of total quality management and Gold Supplier membership can definitely exaggerate the speed in closing deals effectively and efficiently, even in some of the world’s most competitive markets.

"Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!"

Author: Dr Ali Abdulqadar

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