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E-commerce helped a home-base business to grow into a factory with over 200 workers

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Waseem Qaisar
Company: Shoo Industries
Location: Pakistan
Industry: Textiles&Leather Products
Gold Supplier member since: 2005
Gold Supplier

Mr. Waseem Qaisar is the Managing Partner of Shoo Industries, which is a manufacturer of Leather and Textile Motorbike outfits and accessories.

Shoo Industries was started in a room of Mr. Qsisar’s house. In this first 2 years, they have spent a lot of money on advertising and sending samples to interested customers, because they were so eager to gain more exposure. However, the response was far behind their expectation. It almost has reached a situation that they have to stop the operation since they really have no more capital for investing into the business.

The turning point was in 2004, when Mr. Qaisar leaned about by chance. He then signed up as a free member and started to explore the online trading adventure. Not long after he started to put up his company profile, posted a few product photos, he then started to receive inquiries and finally got his first order even though the amount was not very big.

Mr. Qaisar was very happy and getting more excited about online trading, however, he was still not very sure whether it worth investing for a Gold Membership at that moment. But as time goes by, he kept receiving inquiries and getting small orders, and he wanted to get more and bigger orders. So after a serious consideration, he finally decided to upgrade to Gold Member for a try.

Soon after Shoo Industries upgraded to Gold Membership, they started to see the real benefits of online e-commerce. Quality inquiries keep coming in and their business keeps growing bigger and bigger every day. “It was a great breakthrough for our business, and I can see light coming from a big window”, said Mr. Qaisar.

In 2007, Shoo Industries has their first factory built, and over 200 workers are working for them to produce quality leather products for customers all over the world.

Mr. Qaisar believes that everything is possible by the Grace of Allah and the power of E-commerce !

"Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!"

Author: Mr. Waseem Qaisar

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