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E-commerce opens up the gateway between us and our international customers

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Ms. Le Thi Thuy Hien
Company: VSV Service Trading Company Limited (Vietgro)
Location: Vietnam
Industry: Agriculture
Gold Supplier member since: 2013
Website: http://vietgro.trustpass.alibaba.com
Gold Supplier

Vietgro is an international brand name, which was established in 2013. Vietgro’s parent company was established in 2006.

Vietgro’s main functions are to carry out research, select, produce and trade in seeds, fertilizers and equipment that serve the agricultural and horticultural industry. The company has two research&development (R&D) centers and one centralized manufacturing firm, as well as many other manufacturing plants. In regards to human resource, the company is one of the few organizations focusing on R&D, with 22 full-time employees dedicated to this department.

The company possesses hydride seeds using sophisticated technologies with professional experts’ who are proficient in the manufacturing of hydride F1 seeds. Vietgro also supplies fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Vietgro committed about the product quality and the prestige of service provided towards long-term business orientation.

Having been in operation for seven years, Vietgro has manufactured more than 40 vegetable varieties, each with excellent agronomic characteristics, and each fulfilling the demand for high-quality vegetable seeds from farmers in specialized cultivating areas around the country.

During its seven years of operation, Vietgro has confirmed its position, prestige, trademark and reach to be one of the best vegetable seed suppliers in Vietnam. They have achieved this because of the large economies of scale, a high-speed of development and enormous support for agriculture nationally. Currently, Vietgro is growing internationally, with the hope to encourage, innovate and encourage the development of agriculture and benefit farmers as much as we can.

To find new customers, and to grow our company globally, they registered as a free member on Alibaba.com. After a short time, Vietgro realized that the quality of inquiries we got from Alibaba.com were much better than almost all other websites we had tried before. .

After two months as a free member, they managed to get our first order. “We were very pleased that our efforts had paid off. We were very patient, as well as enthusiastic and dedicated”, said Ms. Le. “Four months later, we were very lucky when a customer visited and observed our work processes. Now, that customer has become one of our long-term business partners”.

Despite the fact that our company was doing well, they were still not satisfied. So, we did not want to stop, especially with the limited number of customers. Instead, Vietgro wanted our products and services to reach out to more customers from around the world. Therefore, they decided to become a Gold Supplier.

“Ever since we became a Gold Supplier, we have noticed many changes in our business. The number of inquiries we received increased rapidly”, Ms. Le told us proudly.

They have no limits on the number of products they display now. They have more than 50 exclusive types of seeds posted on Alibaba.com. Each month, on average, they have received about 40 inquiries from Alibaba.com and 50% of them are shortlisted as potential inquiries leading to contracts/actual orders.

Ms. Le stressed that, “We have accommodated the needs and requirements of buyers using more active and easier ways. We use TradeManager because it lets us to chat online with our customer directly; therefore, we can solve the problem and answer our customers’ questions more quickly and effectively than using email which are slow and time consuming”.

Currently, Vietgro has a lot of customers from many countries, including Myanmar, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Middle East and South Africa. Furthermore, our products have been highly acclaimed in these markets.

“Thanks to Alibaba.com, we have been able to open the gateway to global markets. Even though we just begun using Alibaba.com for over a year, we have managed to understand the power of e-commerce and the value of being a Gold Supplier on Alibaba.com”, Ms. Le stated.

"Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!"

Author: Ms. Le Thi Thuy Hien

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