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We secured more overseas clients than ever before because of

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Company Name: Private Entrepreneur Mayster Vyacheslav 

Country: Ukraine  
Industry: Furniture

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1.How did you hear about Alibaba?

I was a buyer when I had my first experience with At the time, I was looking to source products from other countries for my retail business and managed to find several Chinese suppliers I was interested in on the site. Although I found convenient and easy to use, I did not engage with the platform having initially thought that it was reserved solely for suppliers in China. It was not until this March when a good friend of mine informed me that is open to suppliers all over the world that I decided to start conducting my business there.

2.What is your feedback on
You will get plenty of opportunities on no matter the size of your business. The platform is great at linking sellers and buyers therefore there will always be customers asking for samples and ordering big bulks of products from you.

3.How does Alibaba contribute to your inquiries and orders every month? Which countries are your clients mainly from?

We receive most of our orders via RFQ, and some from message center. We like exchanging business cards with customers so we can communicate with them more freely through phone, emails, or social media channels. Keeping a close tie with your customers is always good for business .

In terms of the nationalities of our clients, we are currently in talks with customers from Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Austria, U.K., Germany, Jordan, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and the U.S. among others. We are in the process of making samples for our new customers from France and Denmark.

4.What’s the most impressive order or the most surprising order you got through

We received an order worth over US $1.5 million from France during our first month as an Alibaba Gold Supplier. The order was for 50,000 bookshelves.

5.What's the difference between before and after you joined Alibaba? Please list some data for reference.

We found many more overseas customers than we ever had before via We are now doing business with buyers from countries we never thought we would work with.

6.What’s the most beneficial asset of e-Commerce?

The most beneficial assets of e-Commerce are definitely low prices and high exposure. Not only are e-Commerce shops much cheaper than physical stores, but consumers can now actually interact with sellers during the transaction process.




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