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Cooperating with you are more protected from and troubles and cheaters .

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Customer Name:  Victor Smedinsky

Company Name: PP TEKLINE

Location: UKRAINE


Gold Supplier since: 2011 website:

Gold Supplier

PP TEKLINE specializes in the global sales of any kind of agriproducts origin of fertile Ukraine.

More than 10000 tones of grains, pulses, cereals and other raw materials we bring annually to the people lives.

For our clients we arrange complete service chain to supply high quality agriproducts –

FROM THE FIELD – our farmers is harvesting their crops on fertile soils in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine using modern agricultural machinery which making modern initial grain processing that help to save of all useful  in the grains

AT THE WAREHOUSE - In all our warehouses, we process the grains to arrange complete cleaning the raw material according to Buyer’s request and pack the  raw material in different kind of packaging: from invidual packing in PP bags or kraft bags to the bulk and big bags. We can do all kind of packaging by Buyer’s choice. Also we have implemented a Quality Control programme with specific cleaning tests.

SERVICE AND DELIVERY - When the tests are completed, products are packing by Buyer’s request the products are ready to be shipped. Our in-house logistics team takes over and ensures that all the required documents are issued for the customer. Transports are followed closely by our logistics team until they arrive safely at their destination.

If you request we can arrange any inspections of GAFTA  approved independent surveyor in time of loading process

We support our clients to work closely and issue all need shipping papers including certificates required by Buyer’s country Authorities.

PAYMENT – we are very flexible with all of our clients and accept various type of the payment: TT, LC, CAD, D/P.

We take pride in the strength of our relationships, having cultivated some of the longest-standing strategic partnerships – and friendships – with many companies, a special place in this takes - Why Due to the opportunity provided by this particular electronic platform, PE TEKLINE has grown from small family company to serious player on export market of leading Ukrainian suppliers worldwide. The story was so, at first we used as a possible search for potential customers for our products checking only the advertisements. Then we tried to publish the ads ourselves and got an amazing effect, 5 times more customers responded to it, which we could get for the same period of internet search. Our attachment to proves the fact of being on this resource as gold member for the last 6 years. Now we have more than 300 inquiries monthly. We are concluding more than 100 successful deals annual through  We will continue this tradition, as we consider to be one of the keys to a successful business for any company. We would like to note especially one of the services that helps to effectively and quickly sale the goods to a specific client –RFQ (Request For Quotation).We are very satisfied with the service  of and can rely on this electronic platform in the promotion of all the products of our assortment. For the future time being , we are planning to cultivate our strategic long-term relationships  with to successful provide our agriproducts to international market. is more than platform for the sale – when our clients see that we are GOLDEN MEMEBR during 5 years, for them, it means that we are a reliable and trusted supplier. is like a verification and trust tool. Cooperating with you are more protected from and troubles and cheaters.





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