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My Alibaba client loved so much the products that it has already repeated the order! And right now he has just contact us again through Alibaba to ask us for to propose additional products.

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr Jose Ignacio Domingo Regidor
Location: Spain
Industry: Food & Beverage
Gold Supplier member since: 2017
Gold Supplier


The Association of Aragonese Agrifood Industry (AIAA) is always searching for innovative ways of marketing our associate´s food & drink products. Alimentos de Aragón is the brand representing the most reputed products and enterprises coming from Aragon, Spain. We continually find new ways to strengthen our presence in cross border e-commerce. Our partner, Instrumentación y Componentes S.A, recommended that we join as a Gold Supplier member to strengthen our presence in the international market.

After our first year, we are quite satisfied and we will continue to use in the future. We have just renewed our membership. In May 2017 the company Instrumentación y Componentes S.A, who is the one that supported us by creating our store and now manages it, finished uploading our catalogue (actually 325 food products) to Since then, we have received in average of 110 inquiries per month, as we show a great variety of different Spanish foods & drinks belonging to different categories such as: meat and poultry, baked goods, rice & pasta, wine, chocolate, cured ham, truffles, livestock, beer, olive & olive oil, fresh fruits and many more. But after answering all of them, we ended up with around 25 qualified inquiries per month. Inquiries mainly come from India, United States, United Kingdom, South East Asia countries (such as Bangladesh, Vietnam), China, Brazil, Germany, and the Middle East.

Even though we receive many inquiries of cheese, wine and extra virgin olive oil, the most impressive order that we have had through was from a client in the Czech Republic. It was a bakery chain that was looking for new baked goods. They have ordered different goods such as madeleines (cakes) and muffins from one of our associates. The client loved the product so much that they have already requested the same order!

Before joining Alibaba, we didn´t have a real B2B international catalogue to work with and we were not able to show our products in an easy and fast way wherever we presented them.

Now, after joining Alibaba, we have an international and digital catalogue of our products, giving us global access and visibility!

It has been such an innovative and break-through project in our country that even the national public television (the most important TV channel in our country) came to record us to explain the collaborative innovation and show it to the world.  You can watch how we explain the project in the next URL (22:08 minutes):

Alibaba is a great platform and is really helping our business move forward. We would appreciate it a lot if there was a way to upload product files in bulk (CSV and HTML files for example). It is very hard to fill out the information product by product. Most other marketplaces allow this possibility, the export and import automatization of Excel files, for example.

Big thanks to the Alibaba team!





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