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Gold Supplier Member PhotoCompany:Neurostyle Pte Ltd
Industry:Food & Beverage
Gold Supplier member since: 2014






We know from all the different media and also from our friends companies as they always use as one of the default marketing channels for their products. We started to apply gold membership since 2014 when most of our products were ready. assigned an account manager to us, who assisted us on the strategies and good practices, and she has been really helpful to our business development.

From our past experience, we received average 30 inquiries from customers every month. It is not a high figure, but since we are doing some niche market brain diagnosis sort of medical devices, those essential inquiries are able to bring us more than half million revenue per year. The most impressive order we got was from a middle east customer who ordered 10K item from us shortly after the reply.

After the initial trial period, we found that the UI in especially the main UI is very important to attract customers’ attention and get more visitors. So we have asked some UI design company re-designed our main user interface, we also assign our own staff to maintain the website, do updating the products and news frequently, forward inquiries to the related sales persons and request timely reply to customers from our sales personals.’s mobile APP is quite helpful for our staff to track and reply the customer’s enquiry, especially during weekends and public holidays. It is very convenient to use and UI design is very clear and nice to view.