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Our global sales orders has increased significantly after joining as a Gold Supplier

Industry:Luggage, Bags & Cases
Gold Supplier member since: 2009






I came to know what is through a friend. It was a great recommendation from him. Since I joined as a Gold Supplier, I have received substantial amount of inquiries, some of these inquiries have also converted into global sales orders. These customers feel assured to place orders with us because we are a Gold Supplier, which our company has been authenticated by as a legit Singapore company.

Based on the years of track records, usually I would receive about 30 inquiries every month from around the globe, buyers from countries like Dubai, Australia and US. It is indeed a B2B trading marketplace, where orders are usually negotiated and order in bulk quantities. This makes the business transaction easier than having to ship small order quantities individually. The buyers who we have liaised and transacted successfully are mainly distributors in their country / region, which increased the chances and possibility of replenishment orders.

I have received orders in 5000 and 10000 pieces! Our global sales orders has increased significantly after joining as a Gold Supplier. I will be glad to continue to use this world largest business to business trading platform to reach out to more global buyers. I am glad that our company and products can be exposed and marketed at international level. The required quantities for global orders are usually larger than local market, as local market may be limited.

We always believe in being honest and reliable while handling the inquiries and business negotiations with the global buyers as we would hope for future replenish orders from the buyers. We are also caution when order is confirmed and payment is in progress, we follow some good practices as recommended by, this is to prevent any unnecessary misunderstandings or conflicts thereafter. Overall, we feel really happy to have found this marketplace that allows us to improve our sales revenue and volumes.