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The secret to success is in slowly but steadily building up courage

Member: Takizawa Kyoji
Location: Japan
Industry: Sake
Gold Supplier member since: 2011
Gold Supplier






SHINSHUUMEIJYOU COMPANY was founded in 1834 as the company Masuya in present-day Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture and boasts a history of 183 years as a sake manufacturer. With exemplary brands such as Kikuzakari, Takizawa, Ryozanpaku, and Kokuyo, it has won 16 gold awards in the National New Sake Tasting Competition and has won awards for eight years running. SHINSHUUMEIJYOU COMPANY is a brewer that was much loved by local people and is now expanding its sales channels all around the country.


The company entered the export business due to a sense of crisis about not being able to survive unless it expanded its market. It started to use Alibaba in 2011, to accelerate its international business. With washoku being registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, sake has experienced an increase in overseas demand in recent years. SHINSHUUMEIJYOU COMPANY is also developing new business partners through Alibaba.


The company chose Alibaba in order to create business by maximizing its ability to communicate about the appeal of its products. For several years after it started to trade internationally, the company was not able to communicate to buyers sufficiently about the appeal of its products and its trade did not increase, even though it was exporting through a trading company.


These days, the company has come to be able to make an appeal about the attractions of its products through Alibaba and has increased its trading volume tenfold. It trades its products with 12 different countries, including Hong Kong and Germany. In order to avoid becoming entangled in price wars, the company has decided to produce a range of different sake, including limited seasonal products, in response to the needs of customers in Japan and overseas.


With approximately 8% of annual sales now coming from overseas exports, the company is working to increase its international sales in the future as well. The secret to its success can be seen in the company's energy in actively working to identify the local situation together with its drive to learn about export business and about sake itself.