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"Transforming ourselves as the changing world"

Gold Supplier Member Photo Member: Tomomi Yoshida
Location: Japan
Industry: Rubber and Plastics
Gold Supplier member since: 2016
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Kokubu Shokai is one of Japan's leading companies in used tire recycling business. One of their methods is by refurbishing the used tire to re-sell them. The company has been doing overseas business for about 30 years. What made this company with an ongoing overseas business be interested in

The story goes that, at one point, buyers in East and Southeast Asia started to favor Chinese-made new tires over a used one and placed Kokubu Shokai business in jeopardy. With a sense of urgency, the company put a lot of effort into their website and SNS presence to attract business from Latin America and Central Asia. Yet the effort did not result in any new leads. That is when the company decided to give a try.

Their first day with received 5 surprise inquiries. Originally the team was quite overwhelmed by this new influx of inquiries and miscommunication happened. Days went by with trial and error but nothing leads to new orders. Even so, the team was confident in the quality of their products and kept the faith. Their first order eventually came 6 months later from a company in Malaysia.

The first order was a hard-earned victory after dealing with more than 300 inquiries, of which only 10 to 20 percent lead to a proper business negotiation. The team had an internal meeting on how to make a proposal based on past sales record of each country’s profile. “It is even more crucial to know what your customer think when you can’t directly meet them.” Their hard work will eventually lead to the trust of customers.

It used to be widely believed that even a used tire from a Japanese manufacturer was well regarded. But with the recent quality improvement of the new Made-in-China tires, the company starts to diversify their business to process rubber tubes as well as residuals that came from tire production. Transforming itself as the changing world, the Kokubu Shokai may be having a new venture completely separated from tires in the future.