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Essential: Having a Long-term Mindset When Cultivating the Overseas Industry

Member: Gomi Kenichi
Location: Japan
Industry: Packaging Materials
Gold Supplier member since: 2012
Gold Supplier






NITTOPACK CO.,LTD., a package manufacturer established in 1934 with "providing a steady supply of safe and sound packaging materials" as its mission, has since produced various packaging materials. Their strength lies in their consulting based on their many years of experience as a "bagging pro". They propose the best packaging among many with various characteristics. Additionally, the precise coloring of the packaging is very advanced, making it unique in the world.


They introduced Alibaba into their business in 2012. The shrinking of the domestic market was clear, and so they sought a new market overseas. If no one knows they exist in the first place, they can do nothing. They began constructing a website, with support from their Alibaba representative. After one year, they received an order from a cosmetics maker in Thai who placed importance on quality. They say they have managed to build a long-standing trust-based relationship, and their sales have increased.

"The company we delivered to was a venture at the time. It grew its sales by the year and has become a listed company. There is a lot of pleasure to be had from helping the client of course, but growing together is the real pleasure," says company president Gomi.


They became a success as an OEM maker, of which there was little precedent for companies that developed their market overseas. They put out an exhibit at an exhibition in Thai and Malasia this year as well, in order to further develop a market, and are scheduled to stay on site after the exhibition for business negotiations. The future looks even brighter for this company, which is working with clients they can grow together with.