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A Manufacturing Industry's Responsibility: Entering the Overseas Industry

Member: Hibino Kenji
Company: NANOHA CO., LTD.
Location: Japan
Industry: Car Coating Goods
Gold Supplier member since: 2015
Gold Supplier






In the chemical industry, where export is considered difficult due to regulations which differ by country, there is one company that controls almost 100% of all foreign sales. Nanoha Cc., Ltd. is a small Japanese car coating agent manufacturer with just two employees. Their success is due to the effort they put into developing products based on the regulations and conditions in their clients' countries.


The company's expansion abroad started with C.E.O. Mr. Hibino's previous job, where he used Alibaba to expand development of their car coating agent. After opening the Alibaba shop, he created a page giving special attention to design. He was able to secure orders as he increased the number of products he posted. Mr. Hibino realized that users abroad were unsatisfied with their coating agents, and so he analyzed the products that other companies were producing and found that they were using components unsuitable for the weather and humidity conditions in the countries where they were being used. Once he succeeded in developing products suited to regulations and climate conditions abroad, international buyers started to offer to represent the company on their home turf. While Mr. Hibino wanted to further expand abroad, his ideas did not mesh with the direction taken by management, so he decided to go independent.


Mr. Hibino explains, "Because I knew that the Japanese market is going to continue to shrink, I felt that it was my duty to expand overseas."


After going independent, he put effort into branding and expanding his network of buyers with his own brand CAMUI, and established sales bases in Europe, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.


In order to build his sales network, he kept paying attention to consumer needs. He focused on this in order to distinguish his company from competitors.


"Of course we have made mistakes, but with international business, I can learn about and adapt to the differences between Japanese culture and other cultures; it's a lot of fun."


The move towards high quality products is accelerating, particularly in Southeast Asia. We can expect to see more great things from Nanoha Co., Ltd. a company that has successfully uncovered new business opportunities by exporting products with high added value to rapidly expanding markets in Southeast Asia and beyond.