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The Essence of Business: How to Sell Genuinely Good Products

Member: Nishii Kenji
Location: Japan
Industry: Bonsai
Gold Supplier member since: 2010
Gold Supplier






Clover Trading CO., LTD., has built their overseas business from 0 to 90% of their sales in 8 years. We went to talk with the CEO Mr. Nishii and asked how they did it without any previous experience in trade starting with signing up for


Mr. Nishii first inherited his father’s floristry and started working on landscaping. He was sometimes asked to dispose pine trees in people’s gardens, which made him feel wasteful and heartbroken. That was when he heard coincidentally from someone he knew during his study abroad in the UK that “Japanese plants sells well in Europe”. He thought “We’ll sell it then,” and started the company. came in sight when he was researching about trades.


In order to take initiative in his first deal, he paid for one container out of his own pocket. “I was able to check whether our trader was reliable. It wasn’t many products to send. I also wanted to learn about the whole exporting process.” Once learnt all the basics, he will be able to navigate the negotiation better the next time. “It was a reasonable fee in exchange for these knowledge” Mr. Nishii recollected.


A German buyer who regularly ordered bonsai from them sent a request to import Koi carps. Mr. Nishii, who had never dealt Koi before, was initially puzzled. Yet he contacted local suppliers and asked the buyer to accompany him. The buyer was immensely grateful for his attentiveness and extended their partnership great after the event. “We do business not only for the immediate profits, but also the long-term gains. Trusting relationships will always turn into better sales.”


“The costumers will always come back for a great buy. I learnt that from my experience growing up in my father’s floristry,” said Mr. Nishii, “I believe that the essence of business is to sell truly good products.”