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Amplifying Sales: Always Make the First Move

Member: Yamagishi Motoki
Company: PLUS Y'S CO., LTD.
Location: Japan
Industry: Agricultural Material
Gold Supplier member since: 2013
Gold Supplier






PLUS Y'S CO., LTD. is a company that sells agricultural supplies online. Focusing on the fact that very few agricultural supplies and equipment were available online, company president Mr. Nakagawa saw the potential in internet sales and established Plus Y's in May of 2015. They work to deliver high-quality agricultural supplies throughout the world and strive to develop the agriculture industry.


Plus Y's chose Alibaba as their method of starting overseas development after president Nakagawa and Mr. Yamagishi who is in charge of overseas operation participated in one of Alibaba's seminars. With domestic sales were growing smoothly, he decided to join Alibaba to further challenge himself. Buyers from around the world inquired about safe, high-quality Japanese products. The number of deals they made grew, as their reputation for speed and attention to detail spread through reviews.


The strength of the company lies in its ability to select and stock inventory. Makers and wholesale dealers, with whom they have a long-term relationship, deliver high-grade products with the expectation that Plus Y's will sell them overseas. Their strength lies in their ability to reliably provide high-quality products.


Mr. Yamagishi revealed that he would like to continue to challenge himself in wholesale, where there are countless rivals. They handle products that other companies have a hard time handling. He aims to sell products that that can be configured to the needs of the customer. Additionally, he also wants to develop the company's overseas business in the future. "In the future, I would like to manufacture and sell an original brand overseas. I'm searching for a maker I can tag team with to start operations overseas," says Mr. Yamagishi.


Their future growth in spreading their business throughout the world over the internet is something to watch.