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"We aim to improve overseas sales to 20% by 2020"

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Katsumi Wada
Location: Japan
Industry: Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services
Gold Supplier member since: 2012
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Wadakizai CO., LTD. has sold industrial valves for over 40 years since its founding. Originally, the company had zero experience in the overseas business. Until in 2012 when their CEO heard the news that their client is expanding overseas business, with a sense of urgency, Wadakizai decided to join

The CEO personally put together their online showcase after analysing their performance data by highlighting the varying interests of buyers from different countries. Their very first order was from a Southeast Asian country. Countries with high economic growth like many in Southeast Asia have high demands for what was once in demand in Japan. The president was once again realised the possibility of the overseas market.

The CEO work with his assistant on dealing with daily inquiries. They gradually learnt to tell the legitimate ones apart from spams. By allocating the basic questions to the assistants for speedy responses and escalate the technical ones, which require experience and expertise on the product, to the CEO, they successfully increased productivity and inquiry-to-order rate.

A few frequent customers even came to Japan to visit the warehouse and developed a deep relationship by meeting in person. It is said that the ways of forming business relationships are not especially different in Japan and overseas. The Japanese diligence and attentiveness are highly regarded among overseas customers as it is in Japan.

While the CEO is still being humble about their emerging overseas business, it’s already making up 10% of the overall sales. Their immediate goal of “20% overseas sales by 2020” feels one step closer.