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"We are aiming to become the top seller in the global market in the future"

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Masaki Okubo
Location: Japan
Industry: Food & Beverage
Gold Supplier member since: 2015
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Kogetsuen, handling tea and teaware in Ehime, have traded with more than 50 foreign countries since joining 2.5 years ago. They entered the domestic e-commerce business at a quite early stage, 14 to 15 years ago. Since then, they have received inquiries from overseas which led them to believe the larger opportunities in the global market. Furthermore, Mr. Okubo, president of Kogetsuen, found it rather challenging to create a new market in Japan when domestic population is shrinking. For this reason, he is determined to join the global B2B market,


Mr. Ishikawa who is in charge of business-deal points out the advantages of e-commerce. “Unlike B2C that closes the deal once the product is sent to the customer, there is a tendency to build a long-term relationship with B2B customer if both buyers and sellers are happy with the transaction.”


Adding to that, fewer variable factors caused by seasonal matter is another strong aspect of Cross-Border B2B deal. It is said that tea is a seasonal product and generally the sales decline during summer, however, they enjoy stable sales year-round in foreign countries. The monthly sales have increased by 12 times in 6 months span, from JPY 1 Million to JPY 12 Million, when large transaction deal is closed. Thus Mr. Okubo overwhelmed with the large scale of B2B business.


Kogetsuen enjoys being the top-class sales in the domestic e-commerce market, but they are aiming to become the top seller in the global market in the future. Mr. Okubo believes Alibaba is more worthwhile than its cost if he considers Alibaba’s potential of making people from across the globe to become their potential buyer. Kogetsuen will continue their journey to expand their tea products internationally and keep being people’s favorite in worldwide.








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