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Davia, an Italian leader company in the agri-food industry, broadens its business horizons on the worldâs biggest B2B Marketplace

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Andrea Vitiello
Company: Davia Spa
Location: Italy
Industry:  Food & Beverage – Canned Food
Gold Supplier member since: 2018
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Davia is a tomato processing company established in 1984.
With its administrative and production headquarters located in Gragnano, it has been operating in the food industry for three generations, handing down from father to son, in full respect of nature, farming systems and conventional and organic collection, in order to safeguard the quality and authenticity of crops.
Thanks to its widespread coverage throughout the region and to a meticulous selection of local tomato crops, based on high quality standards, Davia has grown dramatically since the 1980s achieving significant results.
Product innovation and synergistic approach, based on skilled personnel and innovative technological processes, are two key factors of the company’s success in all five continents, where it has gained favorable opinions and positive responses.
Repeated renovations within Davia production structure have meant that the company today is able to transform a product with high quality standards and offer it to its customers.

  1. Business Experience

Davia operates in the agri-food sector as both producer and seller, in order to provide an excellent service to their customers and fulfill their daily food requirements. Therefore, Davia is a producing and processing company of tomato and its by-products that sells Made in Italy products as well.

Davia has expanded its business from domestic market to foreign market, cooperating with major international companies and corporate organizations, which are located all over the world, from Australia to Japan, from Europe to America.


2. Success Story on, e-commerce, etc. (Main Part)

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How many orders did you get from Can you share with us your story of most impressive buyers/orders among them?

After registering our account on and becoming a GGS Supplier, we receive inquiries every day. Many buyers contact us asking for more information about our products and for quotations as well.

How many inquiries do you get every month? What do you think is the most important thing to get exposure and inquiries on

Every month we receive approximately 20 inquiries. In most cases, prospective buyers ask for a quotation, which includes large quantity of products (usually 20’ containers full-load), freight charges and shipping fees. We receive few buyers’ inquires for a small quantity of products.

We have always focused our attention on a meticulous selection of relevant keywords for each of all our products. This was particularly true at the initial stage of our account activation on Prospective buyers contact us according to our keywords and to the kind of product that is more attractive for them. Another main factor that catches buyers’ attention and affect their choice is the completeness of our contents, such as photos, videos, certifications and detailed product description.

Customized minisite is the service that we appreciate most on, because it is interesting and helpful to our business. 

How do you manage your account? Do you have professional person in charge of account in your company or you ask help from 3rd party service company to operate your account.

A sales manager, who works in our company, is currently in charge of our account on He logs in everyday to answer customers’ requests and carry on all the business negotiations having clear in mind that our company’s goal is: create successful partnership and close countless business deals.


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