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"Within the first year I had quadrupled my sales!"

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember ID: marcomix
Company Name: Marco Andreoni
Country: Italy
Industry: Food & Beverages
Gold Supplier since: December 2014
Gold Supplier

My name is Marco Andreoni and I am the Sales Manager and CEO of an export company that partners with different producers in Italy to represent their products and brands on the world stage. The close business cooperation I offer these food and beverage producers has permitted them to grow their sales and the value of their brand in many different regions. Alibaba, as the world's leading B2B platform, has played a pivotal role in reaching that goal, making my work easier and more efficient without sacrificing the quality of my commercial ventures. 

I joined Alibaba in 2006 on a trial basis with a free account. I had read about the platform in an online magazine and decided to give it a try. For many years I used it as a part-time aid to my business, only uploading some of the products that I traded and getting some decent initial results. I must admit that I was not thrilled about the sales I got through the platform, but I kept using it as an alternative sales channel.

It was in 2014 that I finally decided to switch from a free account to the Gold Supplier status, and that made an amazing difference immediately! Right away I realized that the real benefits of using Alibaba can only be seen if you sign up and sell your products using the verified membership. My initial reasoning had been incorrect and I quickly regretted not having switched much earlier.  

Within the first year I had quadrupled my sales, and increased exponentially the new contact leads I was getting. I had access to data analysis software that allowed me to follow how each product was performing and helped me to improve the visibility of the brands. I received new contact leads every day and the credibility I gained by being a verified Gold Supplier allowed me to talk with confidence to potential importers and distributors around the world. Considering the low cost of becoming a Gold Supplier, the return on investment was phenomenal.

Alibaba can be described as the biggest global trade fair that is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It isn't rare to receive new contacts during the night, during holiday periods or whenever one least expects it. Business around the world never stops to sleep.

My advice for being successful on Alibaba is to quickly answer each lead in the most detailed way possible so that you never miss an opportunity. You never really know what can come of even the smallest of contact leads. 

The greatest benefit from being a member of the Alibaba platform is that even a smaller company like mine can have access to global markets at a fraction of the cost it takes to travel around the world and present new products. The future of B2B transactions is online and Alibaba is leading the way.




"Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!"