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A platform that brings not just business opportunities but also friends to Atom

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Bhavik Chudasama
Company: Atom Machinery Mfg. Co.
Location: India
Industry: Machinery
Gold Supplier member since: 2012
Gold Supplier

Having established the business in 1944, Atom Machinery Mfg. Co. specialises in the manufacturing, re-selling and the trading of machinery used to manufacture products including laundry soap, toilet soap, detergent soap, detergent powder, coconut peelers, fruit and vegetable cutters, slicers and hair clippers.

The company was started as a family business by an entrepreneur, Shri Chhaganlal Chudasama, who later handed the business to his sons-they were eventually made the company chairmen and holders.

“My grandpa had successfully sent his first order for export in 1957, and after that, the company had started exporting many products. Because of this, we were confident enough to export more of our products; however, the number of inquiries we received was not enough and it became very difficult for us to generate revenue”, recalled by Mr. Chudasama.

Then, after carrying out a lot of research using surveys, Atom came across Initially, they attended many seminars that were aimed at free members. After attending those seminars, they were completely convinced and satisfied with The rest, as they say, is history!

Atom joined in 2005 as a free member while Mr. Chudasama was in the 8th grade at school and his brother was in the 10th grade at school. They used to go to the internet cafe and operate their account from there to promote their products. It was their passion and dream to grow the business and this drew them to the path of online marketing and They got to learn many new things from, such as, how to make instant submissions of quotations to RFQs, how to implement online advertising and how to make their brand became easy to understand.

“It was a joyful and emotional time for both of us because as the global financial crises struck, efforts from my father to bring the business to success were going in vain. My mother used to give us small amounts of money for us to go to the for cyber café. She had a tremendous amount of trust and belief for us to be successful. We used to discuss and convince our father to become a Gold Supplier on; however, his answer was always: “Let’s see””, Mr. Chudasama told us in smile.

Mr. Chudasama and his brother used to convince their father to become a Gold Supplier, however, due to few unavoidable circumstances, their father always thought it was best not to become a Gold Supplier and always to keep on the safer side to avoid uncertainty in business.

“My brother and I had a very special bonding towards our father, as he always made us to push little harder to be better than perfection. It is due to his strong will power and hard work that we have maintained the legacy of our company in different phases of time. We knew that we (my brother and I), were eventually going to be the natural force behind the success of Atom. We are a team with a close bonding and deep understanding”, Mr. Chudasama explained.

In 2012, Mr. Chudasama’s father finally agreed to upgrade to become a Gold Supplier. Mr. Chudasama took out a personal loan on the basis that he will pay back from his salary. Within 3 months of becoming a Gold Supplier, they bagged a big order from South America for manufacturing machinery for toilet soap. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mr. Chudasama believed that they have a very special relationship with and he is confident that it will be maintained forever. He has made many close friends from They have always been helping and guiding Atom in every step of the business.

There are few amazing features on that we liked, including Biz Trends, RFQs for sellers. These features make businesses to run very efficiently.

Mr. Chudasama pointed that they have never missed an RFQ. “If it is in our scope, then we ensure that it is quoted within the time frame and we follow-up on it. RFQ is one of the best services offered by”.

“For a RFQ, it’s easy to send a quote at the flick of a button from your handset. From our experience, there are no special skills required for generating business or for following-up on an inquiry in order to close the order; you just need to stick to the basics and prove that your product is the best and worth it”, Mr. Chudasama added. “In my business area, I need to sell only once because it is a project based business. So, it is not possible to get frequent orders from customers”.

Atom’s business goals have taken them to the next level. Their efforts, as well as their business focus, have increased.

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Author: Mr. Bhavik Chudasama

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