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United States and Europe Trade Report | Free Download

Published: 27 Feb 2015 00:06:46 PST
US EU Report Download ButtonZepol has published its ‘United States and Europe Trade Report,’ which covers the imports and exports between these giant-trade behemoths. The demand for this report has been high due to recent events like the negotiations for a transatlantic trade agreement and, not to forget, the ever-increasing tensions with Russia. The thought-provoking figures show broad-level statistics but also delve deep into U.S. trade with Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine.

“With so much going on politically between the United States and Europe, the contents of this report couldn’t be more timely,” explains Zepol’s CEO Paul Rasmussen. “It’s amazing what an immediate impact Russia’s sanctions had on U.S. food exports as well as the potential effects a free trade agreement could have on U.S. and EU trade.”

In the report, trade professionals will find import and export values, top U.S. and European trading companies, growing products, U.S. port trends, etc. The data also exposes the current state of trade between the United States and Ukraine. The stats hint at how the nation’s economy is doing after Russia’s recent occupation of Crimea.

Click Here for a free download of the ‘United States and Europe Trade Report’

The information in this report was derived from Zepol’s trade intelligence tools, TradeIQ Import and TradeView. Zepol’s online tools are subscription-based products that provide insights into companies importing and exporting in the United States. Zepol makes it easy to generate lists of U.S. importers and exporters, based on criteria, that fit your target market.

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