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Packaged water industry shows its bottle

Published: 27 Apr 2009 01:20:03 PST

Packaged water industry shows its bottleBottled water brands have united to fight back against recent public criticism with the launch of a new advertising campaign that promotes the health benefits of water and hydration.

The recently formed Natural Hydration Council (NHC) has created press advertisements using the line "you ought to drink more water" to show the various physical and mental benefits consumers achieve when they are well hydrated.

The photography uses striking hybrid images of people and animals to convey aspects of athleticism, concentration and good health.

The campaign runs from late April through May and will appear on the underground and in press that target commuters.

The NHC is a not-for-profit company, founded by Danone Waters (UK&Ireland) Ltd, Nestlé Waters UK Ltd and Highland Spring Ltd, and in addition to this launch campaign, intends to encourage consumers to rethink the beverages they consume regularly.

The campaign comes on the back of findings in April from researchers at the School of Public Health in New Orleans who suggested that when it comes to losing weight, what people drink may be more important than what they eat. They have reported that cutting back calories from sugary drinks by only one serving per day accounted for nearly two and a half pounds of lost weight over eighteen months.

Jeremy Clarke, director of the NHC said: "It is a myth that bottled water competes with tap water. Consumers only drink 100ml each of bottled and tap water each day: less than one cup out of the eight-a-day we're supposed to be drinking. This campaign reminds consumers of the benefits of keeping healthily hydrated with water."

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