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Russia expresses optimism about solution to Ukraine issue

Published: 25 Feb 2015 23:50:20 PST

MUNICH - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday that Russia saw grounds for optimism on the resolution of Ukraine crisis, but stressing that military intervention should not be an option.

In a speech at the ongoing 51th Munich Security Conference, Lavrov said negotiations over Ukraine crisis would continue in the future and that his country believes "there are good grounds for optimism on issue recommendations for conflict resolution".

"Russia would be committed to peace. We would like to see a withdraw of heavy weapons. We would like to see a direct dialogue between Kiev and Donetsk," Lavrov said, adding that the "the Ukraine crisis cannot be resolved by force".

The official also criticized the west for trying to "blame Russia for anything" and disregarding his country's interests.

"The world is at a turning point," said Lavrov. "If opportunistic decisions were taken, we may lose control of global governance."

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