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Overstock Sales Rise by 37% During Thanksgiving Day

Published: 14 Jan 2015 21:58:19 PST

Benefiting from the hot sales of environmental-friendly furnishings, the sales volume of famous American E-commerce company Overstock has grown by 23% on a year-on-year basis during the five-day traditional sales season from the Thanksgiving Day till the Cyber Monday (online promotional shopping festival on the first working day after the Thanksgiving day).

Meanwhile, the company says the average UPT during the holiday is 9% higher than in normal times.

Right on Cyber Monday, the sales volume of Overstock increases by 24% compared with last year, the highest sales per day record in the company's history. Meanwhile, the sales volume on the Thanksgiving Day rises by 39%.
Overstock reveals that furniture has become the best product category for website sales and has excellent sales performance during the five days from November 27th to December 1st, when the sales volume of furnishings has increased by 37% on the basis of last year. And on the very day of Cyber Monday, their sales rise by 43%.

The company also expresses that home and gardening products, including furnishings have the best sales performances, whose sales volume goes up by 37% compared with last year. And on Cyber Monday, their sales volume increases by 36%.

IBM statistical analysis report shows that on Cyber Monday, the average sales volume of home products on E-commerce websites grows by 27.5%.

“We find this year, a lot of people buy large home and gardening products, which have little to do with holiday gifts”, said Stormy Simon, Chairman of Overstock, “but people still choose to buy special offers prepared by us on Black Friday and Cyber Monday”.

Compared with the average growth rate released by IBM, Overstock says the increase of its sales volume exceeds the average level of the E-commerce retailing industry. But if compared with that in the same period of 2013, its UPT has slightly dropped.

“Our loyal customer foundation and good reputation enable us to achieve decent results both online and offline,” Simon added, “people have realized online shopping is the best choice for shopping in holidays.”

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