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October 2014 - Top 10 Wearable Tech Made in Israel

Published: 26 Dec 2014 00:15:56 PST
Top 10 Wearable Tech Made in Israel

Wearable technology is steadily becoming the next frontier and a rising trend for high tech companies. Google Glass and Apple Watch are some of the most innovative gears that lead this trend of wearable technology, where the tech-oriented Israel is unwilling to be left behind. Here we bring you the top 10 list of Israeli wearable technology.
1. OrCam Technology: OrCam’s eyewear allows the blind and visually impaired to “see”. OrCam’s small camera that attaches to glasses verbally identifies words and objects, using a smart computer to say out loud what the wearer is “seeing” with audio.

2. ReWalk: ReWalk is a bionic leg brace made of light materials. It is powered by batteries and navigation and is controlled by wrist-mounted controllers that detect and guide walking motion.

3. Angel Sensor: The Angel Sensor is an open health-tracker that is designed as a bracelet. It collects data about the body and sends that information to one of several health apps that are compatiable with Angel.

4. MUV Interactive: The device transforms any flat surface of smartphones, tablets, laptops into a usable touchscreen through light projections and its fingertip sensor.

5. Meta Glasses: Wearers can access their computer or smartphone with a simple waving motion of the fingers.

6. HereO Watch: HereO is a GPS watch for kids that provides information on a child’s whereabouts to parents’ smartphones. Parents will receive notifications when their child leaves school, goes out on the playground, or even in case of an emergency.

7. Modrillian Smart Strap Buckle: This watch buckle allows its wears to receive calls on Android devices and iPhone, text messages and Bluetooth notifications

8. Oxitone: Oxitone is an advanced heart monitor worn around the wrist that detects changes in a wearer’s heart rate and oxygen levels, triggering an alert for medical assistance in case of an incoming heart attack.

9. LifeBEAN smart helmet: Using wireless sensors and cloud networks, LifeBEAN collects data via optical sensors, heart rate monitors, step and calorie counters from the wearer. The data is then transferred to their smartphones, fitness watches, and cycling computers.

10. TempDrop Sensor: The device monitors the body temperature of a pregnant woman and send the collected data to a fertility app.




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