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Alog builds its own path to deliver goods

Published: 21 Dec 2014 21:45:49 PST

About 278 million orders totaling $9.34 billion in sales, a record, were processed during China's "Double 11" online shopping spree this year.

The shopping event was launched by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd in 2009. Many logistic companies struggle to deal with the huge number of orders during this period.

An online order takes only three minutes to fill out, said Zhang Xuemei, a senior manager from Alog, a Guangzhou-based logistics company that's also a storage management provider for Tmall supermarket online.

When you order goods online, you probably want to receive them as soon as possible. In an effort to handle orders in the shortest period of time, the company has independently created its own software system for its warehouse management, added Zhang.

Alog is a third-party storage and logistics provider for e-commerce firms in China, and has several branches around the world, including Australia, the US, Germany, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

"Based on these branches, Alog's next step is internationalization. The products made in China will be sent around the world via Alog in the future," said the chairman Xing Wei.

Posted on 01-Dec-2014
Zhang Jie

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