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Nippon Paint celebrates 6th anniversary of charity program

Published: 21 Dec 2014 21:45:48 PST

Nippon Paint celebrates 6th anniversary of charity program

The students who received the Nippon Paint China Excellent Students Scholarship have a group photo taken of the attendees in front of the Alumni Home Building of Renmin University of China. [Photo provided to]

The 10th anniversary of the establishment of "Nippon Paint Excellent Student Scholarship" and a photography exhibition for the sixth anniversary of Nippon Paint's CSR Program "Color, Way of Love" was held in Renmin University of China.

Nippon Paint China CSR and Brand Communication director, Ariel Wu, together with representatives from the four CSR partners of Nippon Paint Bayer (China), Boeing, Canon China and Candy Plan – provided scholarships to outstanding students at the Renmin University of China and shared their philanthropic program with more people. They also shared their achievements in charity programs, giving more details about "Color, Way of Love" and promising to continue this "Love Journey".

In 2009, Nippon Paint's "Color, Way of Love" CSR Project began helping school children in remote areas in order to decorate, rebuild, and improve their campus and their study environment. At the same time, a "Color, Way of Love" Fund was established together with the China Youth Development Foundation and Shanghai United Foundation, with the sponsor of which Nippon Paint established its Happy Art Classroom and initiated activities, such as the rural art teacher training program and art college student volunteering program.

Apart from being a tangible sponsor and supporter, Nippon Paint uses the Color of Love as a borderless platform to gather love and care from all over the world. By 2014, Nippon Paint "Color, Way of Love" has covered more than 100 Chinese cities, towns and villages; more than 200 campus improvement projects will be completed; and 195 art classrooms have been set up. The project has gained joint support from 28 enterprises, including the China Youth Development Foundation, Shanghai United Foundation, China Next Generation Education Foundation, Canon, Dows, Boeing, BASF, Wahaha, First Financial Daily, China Daily and Sina. Attracting more than 200 teachers and volunteers, the online community website has collected 350 million clicks. More than 60,000 school children from remote areas have benefited from the project.

Under the support of Nipsea Group, the parent company of Nippon Paint China, the program will be launched out of China and across Asia. "We have run the 'Color, Way of Love' Program for six years. We added groovy colors to children's imagination, built a friendly environment, introduced professional art education, dedicated to creating a happy childhood and cultivated the future's greatest creators," said Ariel Wu, Nippon Paint China's CSR and Brand Communication Director.


Nippon Paint celebrates 6th anniversary of charity program

A visitor looks at a painting at the "Color, Way of Love" Photography Exhibition presented by Nippon Paint China in Renmin University of China. [Photo provided to]


Nippon Paint celebrates 6th anniversary of charity program

A group photo of the partners of Nippon Paint China's "Color, Way of Love" program. [Photo provided to]

Posted on 15-Dec-2014

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