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11.11 Sale Wrapup: International Results from AliExpress [Infographic]

Published: 21 Dec 2014 18:51:01 PST

We have the topline number already. This is $9.3 billion, the blockbuster total GMV (gross merchandise volume) that was generated by Alibaba Group's China for the company's 11.11 Shopping Festival.

This year, though, Alibaba made a special effort to make the 24-hour sale more global through the participation of its international marketplaces that help Chinese merchants sell to consumers in overseas markets (AliExpress) and help foreign brands sell into China ( and Tmall Global). The company has not broken out international GMV sales for the 11.11 event. But below are some data points from AliExpress, whose merchants collectively offered 1 million items at 50% discounts and tens of millions of items at 15% off. Additionally, 5,000 items originating in China included free global shipping.

Scroll down for an infographic on the top-selling brands by product categories for the 11.11 sale.

International Results: AliExpress

AliExpress processed more than 6.8 million paid orders during the sale.

The first order was placed by a buyer in Brazil on Nov. 11 at 00:00:01 PST (AliExpress started 11.11 later than the main sale, which began on Nov. 11 at 00:00:01 China time).

Russian consumers placed the most orders.

Orders came in from all corners of the world, including Greenland (most northern country) Chile (most southern country), Seychelles, Barbados, and even one of the smallest country in the world, San Marino.

The top 11 buyer countries ranked by GMV for AliExpress were:

1. Russia

2. Brazil

3. Israel

4. Spain

5. Belarus

6. U.S.

7. Canada

8. Ukraine

9. France

10. Czech Republic

11. U.K.

Top five products purchased by country


1. MP3 players

2. Earrings

3. Underwear

4. Storage containers

5. Down Jackets


1. Cardigans

2. Mobile phone stickers

3. Dresses

4. Short-sleeve shirts

5. Self-adhesive bras


1. Jackets

2. Men’s ties

3. Key chains

4. Bracelets

5. Dresses

Top-selling Brands By Product Category for the 11.11 Shopping Festival

(Eds. note: Apologies that some brand names are not translated. In the mobile phone category, MIUI is known as Xiaomi in the West)

By Jim Erickson | Nov 13, 2014 | 06:42 PM

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