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New web portal enables small merchants to offer additional payment services

Published: 08 Dec 2014 19:18:19 PST

McAllister Industries, a distributor of prepaid phone cards to retailers, is now also promoting a payment services portal to thousands of merchants.

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McAllister Industries is out to help its client merchants sell more than prepaid phone cards—a product it says is less in demand—with a new web portal where merchants can purchase from an expanding catalogue of payment services.

McAllister has teamed up with PreCash Inc., a provider of payment-processing services, to offer thousands of merchants a new Redde Pay web portal, where McAllister’s client retailers can choose among a menu of payment services they can resell to consumers. The services include prepaid calling cards for international or domestic calls, the ability to add value to the international calling cards used by friends in other countries, the purchase of access to online gaming, and the payment of household utility bills. Merchants can use the Redde Pay portal to offer such services in physical stores as well as through their own e-commerce sites.

“Local mom-and-pop retailers are always looking for ways to keep their clientele coming to the store, they’re looking for new products they can sell and use as a retention tool, and they really like the idea of a portal that consolidates many products into a single point-of-sale system,” says Robert McAllister, CEO of McAllister Industries. “By offering the Redde Pay payment services portal we are helping merchants add new products, increase customer visits and retention.”

McAllister adds that the portal’s range of payment services is designed to help merchants compensate for a decline in consumer demand for prepaid calling cards that has resulted from low calling rates offered by wireless phone carriers and the growing use of Skype and other free or low-cost Internet-based calling services.

PreCash and McAllister say the Redde Pay portal service has already signed up through distributors about 50,000 retailers throughout the United States. To gain access to these new payment services, a retailer must create an account and then log in to the portal each time they want to view options.

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September 9, 2014, 12:45 PM
By Paul Demery Managing Editor, B2B E-commerce

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