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EU to consider more sanctions against Russia

Published: 21 Nov 2014 00:29:52 PST

BRISBANE - European foreign ministers are considering further sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine situation, European Council (EC) President Herman Van Rompuy said on Saturday.

Speaking at the G20 leaders summit in Brisbane, Van Rompuy said European Union (EU) leaders will meet US President Barack Obama during the summit to discuss the Ukraine situation.

"Russia must stop the inflow of weapons and troops from its territory into Ukraine and Russia must withdraw those already present," Van Rompuy told reporters.

Van Rompuy said EU foreign ministers will meet on Monday to consider further actions against Russia.

"I want to restate that the European Union continues to believe that there can only be political solution to the crisis. We will continue to use all diplomatic tools, including sanctions, at our disposal."

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Brisbane on Friday night and is expected to be confronted by Western leaders over his country's support of pro-Russian rebels in the Ukraine conflict, which has seen more than 4,000 people killed since April.

Posted on 15-Nov-2014

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