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A redesigned B2B site answers customers' tough questions

Published: 30 Jul 2014 21:52:30 PST

Posted on June 10, 2014, 6:00 AM

Abby Callard By Abby Callard Associate Editor

Quality Logo Products now allows buyers to filter products based on quantity and price, estimated delivery time and number of printed colors.

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Put yourself in the shoes of a business-to-business marketer for a minute. You’re shopping for pens that you can customize with your company’s logo for an industry conference in two weeks. You need 100 of them, and your budget is $100—about $1 a piece.

You start the search on a custom products e-commerce site. You find a pen you love, pick out the color you want, customize the pen with your company’s logo and go to check out. But then you realize the $0.85 a unit price you saw was if you ordered 500 pieces, not the 100 you need. For only 100, you’ll have to spend $1.70 a unit.

This is the problem Quality Logo Products co-founder Bret Bonnet is excited about solving with his company’s web site redesign. One of three new patent-pending features, the ability to search based on the price for the specific quantity needed has been the most-used—more than any other search filter on the site.

Quality Logo Products’ new B2B e-commerce site went live in March, but the company did not officially announce the redesign until last week after testing the new features, Bonnet says. The redesign, which the company did in-house, was the first since 2003. “The older design wasn’t doing much to say, ‘Hey, we’re on the forefront of technology,’” he says.

The new site, which Bonnet says has already boosted conversion rates, also allows customers to search for products based on the estimated delivery time—not just the time it takes to process the order. “Our customers, whether ordering for shows, events, trade shows, weddings or promotions, have a deadline that they need to get something by,” he says.

This was the hardest feature to program, he says, because of the complexity; Bonnet describes the search function as a “crazy matrix of things.” The tool uses a buyer’s ZIP code and multiple shipping options—prioritizing the most affordable—to inform buyers which products can get to them by their deadlines. “You tell me when you want it by,” Bonnet says, “and I suggest the option for the least amount of money and that will get there the soonest.”

The third, “less flashy” feature, Bonnet says, is a filter that allows customers to select the number of colors in their logo to ensure the new product is compatible with it. Some products have a limit of how many colors can be printed onto them, and some brands have strict guidelines that require them to use several colors, he adds.

The web site redesign has not been widely publicized, and Bonnet says the company likely won’t see its effect on sales for several months. But he notes that Quality Logo is already seeing a 22% increase in online conversion rates.

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