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The Bucking Increasing of Shanghai's Household Appliances in the Transformation and Upgrading Period of Household Appliance Industry

Published: 04 Sep 2013 23:57:27 PST
"Shanghai Household Appliance World Expo - Shanghai 2014 (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition") All of the stands of big white goods were sold out the moment it started to sell in August"... When the reporter heard of this news from the principal of the host of Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition, the urgent mood of household appliance enterprises after readjusting industrial structure elaborately to rush out of the dilemma of the slump market in 2013 seemed to be seen.

Indeed, comparing to the solid performance of household appliance industry in this year and the tepid achievements of household appliance listed companies, the bucking increase of Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition appears to be more encouraging and inspiring.

Currently, the transformation and upgrading of household appliance enterprises and product structure effect is prominent. On the other hand, factors like the complete withdrawal of home appliance industry policy, the overdraft of market demand, the indeterminacy of real estate market's trends, and the tepid progress of macro-economic situation still grant severe pressure to enterprises. How to walk in the future? How could the enterprises continue improving its standard in aspects like brand, quality, appearance, etc. to adjust to the market demand in new circumstances? Under the new industrial variation, how could enterprises continue adjusting and innovating to cater to the new consumption demand and obtain the opportunity of structural improvement?

Insiders think that inter-industry is in urgent need of the sound communicating channel and platform to discuss the practical issue and to reach a consensus on the co-existent developmental contradiction in the stage of pushing the further transformation and upgrading of household appliance industry, so as to improve the adjustment and transition and longitudinal development of enterprises.

Under this special circumstance in present, Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition planned and advanced in many dimensions like stands scale, category planning, visitor's layer and quality, the setting of various activities, themes of various leading forums, social participation and the breadth and depth of media transmission, paced with industry, and promoted to solve the core issues of principle concern of exhibition enterprises by building platform, thus achieved huge success in the exhibition held in March, 2013 compared with all previous exhibitions.

Up to this day, Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition and enterprises stand in the new industrial variation again, "How to introduce the combination of new developmental contradiction encountered by enterprises and current transformation of household appliance industry into the advancement work of Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition and make new thought, preparation and layout to let enterprises obtain more helpful communication and actual requirements during the exhibition from March 18, 2014 to March 21, 2014 is the core work that is being researched and advanced by us", the above mentioned principal stated.

This principal introduced to the reporter that the exhibition area of Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition in 2014 would further expand to 4 exhibition halls with a total area of 60,000 square meters, and the organizer would specially opened an exhibition hall for environmental appliance and health appliance apart from the traditional big white goods exhibition hall and kitchen appliance exhibition area, high-end exhibition area and components and parts exhibition area, so as to fully meet the requirements of the household appliance enterprises of burgeoning categories. At the same time, Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition would make further innovation on content and theme with the expectation of better meet the enterprises' demand on the basis of the activity level in March of this year.
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