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Source: Appliance World Expo Appliance World Expo

The Preparatory Work of Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition in 2014 Has Launched

Published: 04 Sep 2013 22:48:46 PST
It is known that the relevant preparatory work of Appliance World Expo - Shanghai 2014 (refer to as AWE2014) has been launched in recent years after months of early-stage preparations, and it will be opened grandly in E4-E7 of Shanghai New International Expo Center from 18 to 21 in March, 2014.

China Appliance World Expo (Appliance World Expo, official website: www. appliance-expo.com) is widely known as Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition, which is the first brand of China's household appliances exhibition. As the largest domestic relevant exhibition, it shoulders the mission of wind indicating the household appliances in the Asian-Pacific region over the years. Up to 2013, Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition has developed into the international exhibition with world influence, which attracts over 450 main-stream electrical home appliances brands from home and abroad to join and more than 60,000 people to visit. In the first built international exhibition hall, the electrical home appliances brands of international first-class has been unveiled, and domestic famous kitchen appliance brands have almost been fully collected in selected kitchen exhibition area. This exhibition also creates a precedent in the exhibition of household appliances, which first cooperates in depth with two tycoons in electricity purchaser — Jingdong Mall, TMALL.

Jiang Feng, president of China Household Appliance Association commented that compared with previous exhibitions, the 2013 Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition has larger scale and more categories of products in exhibition. The excellent household appliance enterprises from home and abroad have basically been collected, and the foreign brands have participated actively in particular. The category of exhibition is more abundant and the exhibition level of exhibition brands has increased apparently as the exhibition levels of most of the enterprises have surpassed the standard of international exhibition.

While on the basis of the huge success of the previous exhibition, Shanghai Household Appliances Exhibition in 2014 is expected to renew brilliance: According to the related official of the organizing committee of AWE2014, the exhibition in 2014 will renew the historical record of electrical appliances of itself and China again, with the number of exhibition hall to increase to 4, and the exhibition area to increase by 25% year-on-year to reach 60,000 square meters. Besides, on the basis of continuing the four matched sub-exhibitions of kitchen electrical appliance, international high-end, consumption electronics and components and parts in 2013, the exhibition in 2014 will set up the 5,000 square meters' environmental and healthy household appliances exhibition area for the first time, so as to build the sole and authoritative centralized showcase for environmental and healthy household appliances enterprises.

Zhu Jun, vice secretary-general of China Household Appliances Association stated that, with the improvement of exhibition holding ability and international level of China Appliance World Expo, China Household Appliances Association has the confidence to construct China Appliance World Expo into the world-class household appliances exhibition.
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