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Source: Appliance World Expo Appliance World Expo

Overseas home appliance manufacturers aim at the Chinese market: Enterprises from China, Japan and South Korea vie for attention

Published: 01 Sep 2013 21:35:05 PST
This year, Appliance World Expo (AWE) was held in Shanghai on March 19-22, and home appliance manufacturers from around the world attached more importance to the Chinese market. All of the home appliance manufacturers were mostly from China, Japan and South Korea. Japanese electronic manufacturing suppliers were fully prepared to show the characteristics and advantages of the Japanese home appliances on the platform with an aim to enhance its influence in the Chinese market.
Japanese home appliance manufacturers, such as Hitachi Group, Panasonic Corporation and others, showed up in the AWE to present their refrigerator, air purifier and other home appliances. In order to draw attention, Japanese electronic enterprises were focused on the characteristics and advantages of their products during the exposition.
Hitachi Group plans to launch a high-end washing machine in the Chinese market in August, with a forecast sales price of about 20,000 Yuan that is 7 to 8 times of the prices of common washing machines in the Chinese market. It also displayed a series of energy-saving products to embody the ideas of environmental protection and energy conservation. It distinguishes the mark “Made In Japan” to highlight the excellent features of Japanese products. According to Sales Department Manager of the company, Hitachi will be devoted to developing the Chinese market. During the expo, both Hitachi Group and Panasonic Corporation present their flagship products. Their air purifiers gained a lot of attention, which is helpful to address the serious air pollution issues in China.
Japanese home appliance enterprises are committed to developing dedicated products to satisfy the needs of Chinese consumers. For example, Sharp Corporation is developing a customized high-end refrigerator for the Chinese market, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is making efforts to increase the sales volume of air-conditioners in China. A manager working for Panasonic Corporation said that, in the long term, the sales of Japanese products in the Chinese market won`t be affected despite of recent setback.
Apart from eye-catching Japanese home appliances, the products from home appliance enterprises in China and South Korea were also under the spotlight. The 4mm-thick display screen model from LG Electronics of South Korea and the high definition television model (with 4K resolution) from Haier Group, a leading home appliance manufacturer in China, are very popular with the attendees during the exposition.
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