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High-Powered Magnet Sets

Published: 12 Jun 2015 00:37:34 PST

Safety Standards for High-Powered Magnet Sets:

High-powered magnet sets that are intended, marketed or commonly used for entertainment, sculpture building, mental stimulation or stress relief have been banned in the USA since April 1, 2015. These products are hazardous to children, who can ingest these magnets, as well as posing a serious risk to teens and tweens, who have used them to create mock lip, tongue and nose piercings.

Hazardous magnet sets include 200 magnets on average, although some sets have up to 1,700 magnets. If multiple magnets are ingested, the magnets attract each other, pinching or trapping intestines or other digestive tissue between them. The result can be a serious injury that requires surgery and can lead to lifelong health consequences or death. High-powered magnet sets have been found responsible for at least one death and thousands of emergency room-treated injuries.

Under the CPSC performance standard, an individual magnet from a magnet set either must be large enough that the magnet does not fit into a CPSC small parts cylinder, or the power of the magnetic force must be lower than a specified measure.

Compliance Enforcement:

The rule applies to both high-powered magnet sets and to individual magnets that are marketed or intended for use as part of a magnet set. High-powered magnet sets that are manufactured, imported, distributed or sold in the USA after April 1, 2015, will be deemed as illegal if non-compliant with the federal standard.

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