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The Best Way to Shenzhen from Hong Kong Airport

Published: 22 May 2015 01:36:29 PST

shenzhen from hong kongImagine it’s 7 o’clock in the morning. You’ve just stepped off a 14-hour flight from JFK airport to Hong Kong. Groggy and drowsy, you take a moment to stretch, collect yourself and head to the bag carousel to get your luggage. Then it dawns on you. Your ordeal isn’t over. Now you’ve got to make your way to Mainland China and to your hotel in Shenzhen. So what’s the best way to Shenzhen from Hong Kong Airport?

If you’ve ever taken a trip to Southern China, there’s a good chance you’ve flown into Hong Kong International Airport on your way through. You may have even had to deal with your fair share of headaches at the border crossing. So what is the most time-saving and all-around best bang-for-your-buck method of getting to your hotel in Shenzhen from Hong Kong Airport? The answer is to take the cross-border van.

The Cross-Border Van to Shenzhen from Hong Kong Airport

There’s a cross-border van which can take up to 7 passengers from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen every 20 to 30 minutes. The cost for the trip is between 150HKD and 300HKD per person, depending on the destination. The van takes you through the border, without you needing to exit the vehicle. The driver will collect passports or other documents from passengers and hand them to a security worker through a window at the border. If the security officer doesn’t decide to search the van, the van is free to pass through to Shenzhen after document review.

The van can take you to:shenzhen from hong kong

  • Two main boarders – Shenzhen Bay and Huanggang. From there, you can simply transfer to a taxi/bus that will take you to your final destination.
  • Shenzhen North train station. You can take the train to most of the cities in China from this major rail hub.
  • Some hotels in Futian and Nanshan district. You should ask at the counter if the van is going to your hotel. Otherwise, you can take the van to Shenzhen Bay or Huanggang border, depending on your hotel’s address. Shenzhen Bay is located in Nanshan District, while Huanggang is in Futian District.

Ticket Counter Hours and Contact Information

The van is available from 6:30am to 12:00pm. But remember, the last van to Shenzhen North train station leaves at 3:40pm.

The ticketing counter is located at Hong Kong airport Terminal 2 Counter C03, which opens from 6:30am until 12:00pm. You can also reach the ticketing counter by phone; the number is (+852) 2261-2636 or 2261-2503.

One last vital reminder: anytime you travel to Mainland China, you’ll need a proper Chinese visa. This visa differs from the one granted to you for entry into Hong Kong, so make sure you’ve got one.

The next time you land in Hong Kong Airport, weigh your transportation options ahead of time. If you arrive in the morning, you may be surprised at the great value of taking the cross-border van to Shenzhen from Hong Kong Airport. From all of us at InTouch, 一路平安! Have a pleasant journey!

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