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Kevin Burwell on the PIERS Difference: Video

Published: 20 May 2015 01:05:40 PST

Nothing is more important than the feedback of our customers! The PIERS team was delighted when Kevin Burwell, Director of Foreign Trade Zone Services for the Virginia Port Authority, volunteered his comments on using PIERS data for a video on our YouTube channel.

In it, Burwell explains that PIERS data helps the Port Authority talk to customers from an educated perspective—they know what the competition is doing and are always looking for new opportunities using PIERS trade data. PIERS information recently played a major role in the Port Authority’s taking over of the APM Terminals—a $600 million investment—as well as the opening of the Heartland Corridor and other opportunities in the Ohio Valley. He described how he often looks to the PIERS support team to bring new information to them and provide helpful tips on getting the most out of their investment in PIERS.

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