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Cool Cargo? Hot Data! PIERS Offers Trade Data for Refrigerated (Reefer) Cargo

Published: 20 May 2015 01:05:40 PST

By 2014 container ships will transport three quarters of perishable reefer cargo as they take further market share from specialized refrigerated vessels, according to a new report by Drewry Maritime Research.  It was stated that the rise of containerized reefer shipping is depressing charter rates for refrigerated ships, which are facing a “cautious” financial outlook.  Reefer rates fell 10 percent in 2010 and are still retreating, although world trade in perishable products is increasing and demand for reefer capacity is “still healthy.” Container ships are forecast to carry some 74 percent of perishable reefer cargo by 2014, when they will provide up to 95 percent of capacity. But specialized reefer ships still have a future as niche carriers, the report said.

A Cool Cargoes track, taking place at TPM 2012 in Long Beach, CA will focus on the growth and capacity issues of the global cold chain including challenges in importing and exporting food products. Among the robust agenda will be the all important issue of temperature-controlled ocean service; with the continued contraction of the world's specialized breakbulk reefer fleet and an increasing global demand for fresh fruits and vegetables along with meat, poultry and seafood, refrigerated containers are again in great demand. Along with increasing demand, practices such as ultra-slow steaming and a reduction of direct port calls put in place in recent years by container lines make it more challenging for shippers of perishable products to get goods to market with adequate shelf life remaining. Speakers from Maersk, Seatrade USA and Naturipe will discuss the implications of the service changes.

"The world's growing middle class is spending a significant portion of their higher incomes to diversify and improve their diets," said Peter Tirschwell, Senior Vice President for UBM Global Trade, the parent of The Journal of Commerce. "That has translated into record U.S. export shipments of beef, pork and poultry, along with increased imports of fruits and vegetables. With increased global consumer demand, reefer transportation has also come more into demand in all major trade lanes."

PIERS has been a long time expert in reefer data and will be on site at the Cool Cargoes track providing a free reefer data report showing Top Trans Pacific Reefer Imports and Exports by Carrier, by Country and more.

Top 10 - Trans Pac Reefer Exports by Commodity

Can’t join us at TPM? Contact us today to speak to a sales rep about PIERS reefer data at 800.952.3839 or click here for an overview of our reefer data.

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