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Imports by HS Code - New Infographics at

Published: 20 May 2015 01:05:39 PST

Instant market research from a single keyword search? Yes, please! Based on current PIERS data, we have introduced some infographics that show import volumes of commodities based on HS Codes. 

Our HS Code summary pages have been available on the web for a few months now, but we have just recently added some visual appeal and interactivity. As an example, have a look at one of the top commodities we see imported to the U.S. from India last week - GRANITE (HS CODE 680293).

These pages will let you view top importing countries and sort data by country name, by volume, or by number of shippers, as in this table:



You'll immediately notice a view of the top 10 importing countries with summaries by weight, TEUs, and number of unique shippers. These are interactively sortable. In the near future we will be adding geographic visualizations and other content.

Below, that, we provide a view of the top shippers - although we'll ask you to take the bait and find the company names through a PIERS subscription - even a free subscription will give you much of the information you'll need, but searching by HS Code will require access to PIERS PRO - learn more here. Many of our readers will also be familiar with the Top 100 U.S. Importers list, a perennial top resource at

As a side note - about a year ago, PIERS quietly launched a site called, which allows users to search for key data about up to 10 U.S. companies for free, with additional searches available on demand in increments of $10. We would encourage our blog readers to have a quick look; it's possible to search for companies trading by HS Code or by commodity name, as well as with geographic criteria. You'll see great results visualizations like the one below.



 We provide each new visitor with 10 free leads to search and discover companies trading in specific HS Codes or by geography (such as companies trading at a specific U.S. port).


Ready to get started?

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