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A Great Guide to Electrical Safety Tests

Published: 03 Mar 2015 00:00:17 PST

We just found a very nice guide published by Slaughter, a manufacturer of testing equipment.

This Guide to Electrical Safety Testing is free to access on the internet.

Here is what it explains:

  • What is class I and what is class II
  • The two lines fo defense to protect the user from electrical shock (insulation, and safety grounds)
  • What tests are to be performed on samples, and what tests are to be done on 100% of products
  • Types of injuries that can be induced by electrical shocks
  • How to set up a safe workstation (with nice graphics)
  • Checklist for setting up a safe test station
  • Clear explanation of the hipot test
  • Clear explanation of the ground continuity and the ground bond tests (and which one to apply)
  • Clear explanation of the insulation resistance test
  • Chart with settings for most common tests and standards

If you work with electrical products, especially for sale in the US, I strongly suggest you get that document!

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