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Explore Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2014

Published: 11 Nov 2014 02:11:14 PST

Hong Kong Electronics Fair: Introduction

Hong Kong Electronics Fair is the most popular and authoritative consumer electronics exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) in Asia. Read More

Analysis of Industry Trends

The most eye-catching and most commonly seen products were the smart wearables, which were seen in every exhibition hall. Read More

Interviews with Suppliers

Many Gold Suppliers from attended the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2014 to showcase their new products. Let’s get to know them better.

Changzhou Sound Dragon Electronics & Acoustics Co., Ltd.
√   Main products: Audio equipment
√   Main Market: Spain, Europe and the US
√   Exhibits: Three persons brought only 2 latest products to the exhibition.
√   Advantages: Owns a self-owned large factory and attaches great importance to innovation
New products:
1) Wall mounted stereo for bathroom has the features of waterproofing, NFC, touch screen and more.
2) LED sound box: innovative and differentiated products are more attractive to buyers.

Topnotch International Group Limited (Shenzhen Tongxingye Technology Co., Ltd.)
√   Main products: mobile power banks
√   Main Market: Spain, Europe and the US
√   Exhibits: all kinds of mobile power banks, such as wooden mobile power banks, business card-shaped mobile power banks, and the latest mobile phone-shaped power banks, attracted many clients for consulting.
√   Seller's tips: it's important to know the preference of customers from different regions, for example, European and American buyers prefer the simple and rustic products in black and white, while Indian and African buyers favor brightly colored products.

Shenzhen Simply Communication Development Co., Limited
√   Main products: three-proof (dust-proof, shock-proof and water-proof) products, such as tablets, smart phones, as well as mobile phones for seniors.
√   Main Market: Africa, India, etc.
√   Exhibits: The products have unique characteristics and segmented functions. Because of market segmentation and clear target groups, there is little competitive pressure. The product sales of clients are very good. Suppliers presented us their most popular three-proofing tablet recently, and we were told that the foreign troops were also using their products.

Zmodo Technology Shenzhen Corp., Ltd.
Less than 20 sample products for exhibition, Outstanding exhibition result.

√   Advantages:
1) Being sensitive to the industry
2) Original products: easy installation, DIY available, simplified after-sales software installation
3) Unique designs with patents
4) Accurate market positioning
(4) Strong R & D capability to extend product rang.

Foshan Shunde Benff Electrical Appliance Factory
√   Brand: Aide, a self -owned brand established for many years
√   Product Positioning: Mid/High-end products
√   Main products: radiant-cookers, induction cookers, and newly-developed air purifiers
√   Advantages:
1) Good understanding of buyers' habits: for example, European and American buyers prefer four-plate induction cookers; Japanese buyers prefer three-plate cookers, and other Asian buyers prefer two-plate ones
2) Solide R&D capability of new products, such as combo ovens (radiant-cooker + induction cooker) and analysis ablility of the industy development trend
3) Complete certifications, covering all the basic European and American certifications.
4) Good quality and competitive price

Tips for Visitors and Summary of CM (Category Management) Team

1. Pre-exhibition preparation: It's recommended to make good preparations before visits: understand the layout of the exhibition halls, select the key halls, and arrange the tour routes, as well as select halls related to your own industry. Regarding visitor's ticket, it's also suggested to learn how to get it one or two months in advance online, apply in advance, or learn the means to get it. As we had made an appointment online, so the visit was completely free. And we had also got some understanding of the arrangements of the organizer, so we could take the free transport. It was very convenient.

2. The do's and don'ts: You'd better have a layout plan of the exhibition halls so as to find exactly the hall you want to visit; go straightly to the point and remember not to be tempted by a wide variety of attempts while ignoring your own plan; and keep records in the conversation with the exhibitors to facilitate post-summary.

By CM Team & Buyer Community of
October, 2014
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