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Video - Evaluating Prospective Suppliers on the Show Floor

Published: 11 Jun 2014 17:47:40 PST

Exclusive to CSIC! This video covers the following:

China Sourcing – Evaluating Prospective Suppliers on the Show Floor – The Do’s and Don’ts by Charles Kirmuss

CSIC volunteers Charles Kirmuss and Professor Neale O’Connor were recently in Hong Kong to host a seminar on China sourcing at the Global Sources trade show in April 2014 where they answered many important questions to the audience.

Bonus Material:

  • Tips for a smooth sourcing by Professor O’Connor based on his interviews with 1000 suppliers.
  • Audience Q&A with Charles and Professor O’Connor.

With a multitude of similar product manufacturers eager for your business, finding the right supplier at the Global Sources show – one that meets your requirements as a partner – is the single most important step in determining your project’s success or failure. Sourcing veteran Charles Kirmuss will cut to the chase and explain how to efficiently identify a shortlist of qualified suppliers for your particular needs. The highlights of this video include:

  • So many exhibitors and factories; how do I find the right one for me
  • Determining who is the real manufacturer
  • Am I large enough to go factory direct; are there options for me
  • Making a questionnaire to evaluate potential manufacturers in China
  • The interview process on the show floor
  • Evaluating the results
  • The all-important factory visit after the show
  • Setting up your first purchase orders and payments tied to delivery and performance

Not only is this is a must-attend event for new buyers, but even experienced sourcing professionals can learn a few more tricks of the trade in China.



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