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Mobile - Track the Pulse of Top iPhone and iPad Apps

Published: 15 Apr 2014 01:08:26 PST


One of the most frustrating things about the iTunes store is its unintuitive search function. That's why folks have invented new apps like AppsFire for iPhone. It's an application that is search-engine optimized to float the most popular mobile apps sold through folks like iTunes to the top of the heap, and onto your screen, just like that. Your inner data-cruncher will positively squeal!

You can search for the hottest star apps by: Keyword (holidays, music); Application title; Trends (most downloaded, most often paid-for, even app vs app); Mixes (selections of the top football apps, top BBQing apps, top medical apps, cool travel apps, etc.). You can also sync, track, manage and share your own top picks via mobile and on your desktop. Based on what you've got, it'll recommend other apps you're likely to love.

For the iPad set, AppsFire's got a perfectly adapted sister program called AppStream. Alongside aforementioned features, the iPad variant enables:

  • Firemeter, so you can gauge how hot an app is
  • Smart memory for your last settings
  • The ability to share apps on Twitter via desktop programs like Seesmic and Osfoora
  • Featured apps (sponsors only; contact Appstream if interested)

Appstream has already hit the #1 position for best free iPad entertainment apps. If you're iPhone-only for now, no worries: Both apps (seriously, both!) boast a rare 5-star score on iTunes, doubtless due to their ablity to please app-curious trendhunters.

Suggestion for marketers: Use apps like these to track what's hot week-to-week, and find a way to work it into your promos! It has never been easier to track the pulse of changing interest and consistently hot mobile applications across all sectors. Neither has it been cheaper: AppsFire and AppStream both come free of charge!

The Po!nt: Apply some apps to your marketing research. Mastering a few of them could open up a whole new world of customer info.

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