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Mobile - Three Ways B2B Mobile Apps Can Boost Client Services

Published: 15 Apr 2014 01:08:24 PST


"The B2B app market has been slow to take off, but there is no reason why one, or several, popular apps should not emerge across different vertical markets," writes Gordon Plutsky in an article at Mobile Marketer. "In fact, the opportunity is too great not to make this dynamic channel a marketing priority."

One ideal of B2B mobile services is to offer help, advice and client support 24/7. The key to approaching that goal lies in developing apps that "offer value and utility in regards to solving work-related problems," Plutsky says.

Here are three ways that adding a B2B mobile component can boost client services:

Content distribution. Instead of hoping your clients will check your website for updates, offer your latest news, insights and social comments to them via an app. "A smart business mobile strategy might include access to a business’s blogs, social media feeds, white papers/ebooks, videos, podcasts and webcasts," Plutsky notes.

Process automation. Create apps that automate specific client solutions. How about one that lets customers browse your stock, place orders and check order status? "Look at some of the business processes that you ask your customers to engage in and think about ways you can help them do it faster and better on a mobile app," he suggests.

Event or product-launch updates. An app for an upcoming conference might help attendees plan their schedules or connect with others ahead of time through social media. And an app that announces upcoming product innovations can keep clients ahead of the field—and boost their engagement with you.

The Po!nt: Now you can serve them anytime, anywhere. Mobile apps place your B2B services right in your clients' own hands 24/7. Explore the possibilities!

Source: Mobile Marketer.

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