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Mobile - Five Android Apps to Make Your B2B Sales Life Easier

Published: 15 Apr 2014 01:08:24 PST


On-the-go B2B salespeople are always looking for ways to make their lives easier—and apps really can help. Here are a few Android apps that folks are buzzing about.

Writing at the Intuit Small Business blog, Brad Chacos touts the benefits of some "truly useful" business apps, including one of Intuit's. Among them:

Splashtop Remote Desktop. For that scary moment when a prospect is ready to sign, and you realize you don't have the finalized contract with you, here's some help. The Remote Desktop app lets you pull up files on your office computer through your mobile phone. Done.

PrinterShare Premium. Need to print that contract out? The PrinterShare Premium app sends documents directly to printers via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, connects to nearby PCs wirelessly, and even allows remote printing using a Web-based interface.

Intuit GoPayment. Once that prospect is a client, you can process an upfront payment, too. After installing the GoPayment app and receiving a free card reader, you'll be able to process credit-card orders anywhere.

At Information Week's BYTE, Chris Spera presents a few other "must-have" apps for business. Here are two:

Android Agenda Widget. Is your weekly schedule threatening to overwhelm you? The Agenda Widget helps you organize and stay on top of your appointment list. It can display multiple calendars and support a number of different display sizes.

Google Voice. According to Spera, any Android phone can benefit from Google Voice. "Its deep OS integration allows free, unlimited text messaging through your standard cellular data connection," he notes. And its visual voice mail features let you file and archive your voice mail just like email.

The Po!nt: You'll get by with a little help from your apps. Consider how these little "friends" can help make your busy B2B life a bit easier to manage.

Source: Intuit Small Business and BYTE.

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