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Mobile - Tune Up Your App: Five Questions to Ask

Published: 15 Apr 2014 01:08:23 PST


So, how's that app working for you? Is it binding users to your company, building brand equity, and providing high "exit barriers" for customers? That's what the big-time successful apps are doing best, notes Robert Plant in a post at the HBR Blog Network.

If your app isn't performing up to the standards set by the likes of Amazon, American Airlines, and Bank of America, it may not be firing on all cylinders. In other words, it might be time for an app tune-up.

Plant suggests five key questions to ask to assess any "gaps" that need to be filled in your app's performance.

Does your app have:

A recognition gap? Folks need to know your app is from you! The app's name, color scheme, and logo should "build on those of the parent company," Plant advises. Bank of America's app does it right.

A brand-personalization gap? Is your app a problem-solver? Your team needs to "identify, understand, and prioritize customers' challenges, which of course are in constant flux," Plant notes. American Airlines' app serves customers on the move.

A data gap? Folks need to feel secure. Present a clear data-trust policy across all customer-facing systems. Amazon's app states up-front that all purchases "are routed through Amazon's secure servers."

A decision gap? Does your app make it easier for customers to make decisions and take certain actions? The American Airlines app simplifies the boarding process for travelers. Now, that's a valuable function.

A reinforcement gap? App loyalty is strongly related to repeated use, acceptance of new features, and a highly effective interaction, Plant explains. Find ways to keep pace with your customers' changing realities and preferences.

The Po!nt: Crank it up. By asking a few hard questions about your app's capabilities, you'll better serve your users—and turn them into bigger fans.

Source: HBR Blog Network.

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