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How to hire, train, and manage internal QC inspectors in China

Published: 11 Mar 2014 00:14:41 PST

On Tuesday morning (in 2 days), the Sourcing Forum of the European Chamber of Commerce in China will hold this seminar in Shenzhen:

How we hire, train, and evaluate our internal QC inspectors:

Experience sharing in inspectors management.

Two speakers, from local buying offices, will share their experiences.

After that, I will be moderating a panel discussion with these 2 speakers, and with Hubert from AKA Outspring (who trains inspectors).

We will focus on these general topics:

  • What profiles we try to hire as internal inspectors;
  • How we train our internal inspectors;
  • How we manage our internal inspectors, and what documents guide them in their work;
  • How we evaluate and reward our internal inspectors, to keep them in the long run;
  • What type of problems we have had with internal inspectors, and what we do to avoid them.

And we will also try to go more in depth:

  • Do your inspectors only do inspections How to manage seasonal productions
  • Do you have a QC department, totally separate from the merchandisers/purchasers
  • Do you send merchandisers/purchasers in inspection from time to time Regularly Never
  • Do your inspectors give advice to the factory on the way to correct quality problems How does this work
  • Where do problems come from Negligence and laziness Repeated contact with the same suppliers Insufficient training Loose guidelines and imprecise checklist

To attend this event, go to this page!

I hope to see you there.

by Renaud Anjoran on 15 September 2013

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